Studio ilse van klei is a graphic design studio specialized in visual identities, books, magazines and prints.

The studio consists of Ilse van Klei, Bas Rellum and a network of freelance experts.

Bas Rellum, Ilse van Klei, SIVK, studio ilse van klei
The essence distinctively visualized

Sounds big? It is. But that’s exactly what makes the difference. We’re passionate about translating the essence of an organization, brand or story, and let it stand out visually. A fitting design, both in form and content. We’re always after idiosyncrasy, because that makes an impression last.

Love for print, eye for detail

We love ink and paper. We love details. We love strong typography, contrast, tactility and smart finishings.

To refine the character of the design, we carefully combine options for paper, ink and processing. The result is highly tactile printed matter. Experience and craftsmanship ensure that we know exactly what to research while focusing on attention, experiment and quality. Our ongoing curiosity continues to make our work a true pleasure.


We work for large and small clients in art and culture, semi-government, science, property development, hospitality and retail.

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Awards & media

International Corporate Design Award Gold 2018 / Logo
International Creative Media Award Gold 2018 / Magazine Concept
Antalis Award 2017 / Uitnodiging

Our work has appeared in the Great Dutch Art Calendar 2019 and the Great Rotterdam Art Calendar of 2014 and 2016.

The Monsterkamer interviewed us about paper, have a closer read on this expansive topic here. The article was later published in the magazine Print Matters.


Photos: Manuela Porceddu